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Posted on March 12, 2012


I think Sundays are my bad day of the week. I seem to do really well all week and then on Sundays (regardless if I weigh in or not), I tend to eat things that either:
a) I can’t track because I didn’t make them and have no idea what’s in them, or
b) I eat dinner with my family and it’s always too many points– this is either because we eat out, my mother makes a carb heavy meal, or my mom pushes her leftovers to me and says, “You can have the rest,” and I go back to the mentality that I grew up with– “You don’t waste food.”

It’s very challenging to lose weight when I am around my family. I do a lot better when I am in 100% control of my food intake– be it that I choose the restaurant and get to plan ahead for points, or that I make all my own meals so I know what I’m putting in and how much I can have, or that I don’t have anyone else putting food in front of me besides myself.

Last night, I had a friend come over (she wanted to eat out, but I prefer eating at home to save points and money) to indulge in homemade pizza and a movie night.

I felt comfortable because i was the one who was going to be making things, measuring things, etc. However, my mother decided to be helpful and made the dough for me (which was REALLY nice, but at the same time, it meant I had no way to calculate points or how much flour I was using for the dough). My friend brought over a feta artichoke dip (which was ALSO really nice, but again, it left me with no way to calculate points, not to mention things like dips are not point-friendly), which led to a really nice dinner. I don’t think I ate “too much”– I had two slices of pizza (one slice of the Margherita pizza, one slice of the Veggie pizza), salad, artichoke dip (with tortilla chips/triscuits), and a few bread rolls we made with the extra dough. It wasn’t really anything EXTRAVAGANT, and the most fattening thing was probably the dip. Luckily, I had 34 points to use for dinner… but estimating it was so difficult.

Side note: I like to figure out points before I start eating a homemade meal just so that I know how much I can eat ahead of time. I didn’t get to do this because a) the dip was sprung on me, and b) I had no idea how to estimate how much dough we had used.

Pizza— One slice of a medium Dominos pizza is 7 points or “restaurant thin crust cheese pizza slice” came out to 5 points. We didn’t use any oil (except in place of the red sauce on the white pizza) and I was careful with the cheese.¬†Because I had two (much smaller) slices of homemade pizza, I’m going to guess 5 points per slice, for a total of 10 points for pizza

Artichoke dip— The three of us ate half the pan, and I’m going to assume that means I had probably around 1/6 of it, and I estimated 1/2 cup of it. When I first was calculating points, I found a standard “artichoke dip” in the tracker (12 points for 1/2 cup). But this morning, I was feeling guilty for not trying harder in calculating a more accurate number of points, so I looked up what I think is the same recipe she used (she described how she made it to me), and it also came out to 12 points. I estimated 4 points for chips/crackers (and truthfully, I may have eaten more, I don’t really know– next time, I’ll get a separate plate and count out how many I’m eating).– 16 points

Garlic Rolls— I probably had 5 or 6. I assumed I had what would be the equivalent to two hamburger buns– 8 points. (These were just left over pizza dough that I brushed with the garlic infused olive oil I used for the white pizza.)Salad— This was 1 point

So, I went 1 point over, which isn’t a big deal, but looking back on it, I think I probably ate more in points than what I estimated. There’s nothing I can really do to estimate it better than I did, unless I want to add random points, or try to make fake recipes on the recipe builder and go from there, but a) That’s too much work, and b) That’s almost as inaccurate as what I’ve already done to estimate. I guess the best I can do to add extra points is if I assume I ate two slices of Domino’s pizza (14 points instead of 10), then I’m over by 5 points, and if I assume that I ate twice that many chips/crackers (8 points instead of 4), then I’m over by 9 points total. Which still isn’t too bad.

What I’m going to do is just keep my goals of trying to stay within points all week (using no weekly or activity points).

I did go to bed last night realizing I didn’t have a single oz of water all day! I drank milk and diet pepsi, but no water!! So, I got up immediately and drank two bottles of water while browsing the internet, to get my 32 oz in. I’m really glad I set a small goal for water though, so I can build up to drinking 64 oz/day within a few weeks.

I’m trying to figure out a way to not feel such remorse after Sundays because it really is every Sunday.

Unfortunately, it’s the only day where I’m not in 100% control of all my meals and I don’t really have a way to change that right now. I think what I’m going to do is allow myself to go over points IF it happens, but try to control it so that I don’t. I also think I need to make Sundays a definite work out day because it’s obvious that I need it the most that day.

Out of curiosity, I weighed myself this morning. Definitely weighing a few pounds higher than I did yesterday. I realize this could be water weight (and likely is, due to all the sodium from the cheese yesterday), but it still sucks. I know I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules of weight loss (that is, not checking my weight daily), but I can’t help it. Curiosity gets the best of me.

I’m starting to realize the keys to staying on this track is to learn about myself, where my pitfalls are, what my weaknesses are, and learn solutions for them, instead of being victim to them. I’m learning that Sundays are not the best day in terms of points, so I should plan ahead, by making sure I exercise and making sure I leave enough points for the family dinner.

I’m going to do Zumba today. I think it’ll help put me back on track if I’m back to the routine I had before.
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