Weigh In #14

Posted on April 15, 2012


Today’s weight: 305.1
Week loss: 0 lb
Total loss: -31.9 lb


I guess I didn’t gain. Some may say that’s an accomplishment on its own, and I could say that, but I wouldn’t be genuine. I’m only slightly disappointed, which I think is fair. 

I went over calories and points a few times this week. My mother brought home some sweets a client gave her and I haven’t had the discipline to stay away from them. I didn’t binge, which is good, but I didn’t hold back, either. I’ve noticed that when I deprive myself, I end up binging, which is why I let myself have a few pieces everyday. I did request she take them out of the house a few days ago, but she didn’t. And had it between sweets someone gave me, I would have just thrown them away to save myself. 

Do I think that caused the lack of loss? It’s possible. I definitely was not as strict about my calorie/point intake this week. My body was kind of… tired of it. I also noticed that I spent most of this week hungry, even though I was going over my calories/points practically every other day. 

But I also know that this happens. It’s weeks like this that keep most people from continuing their weight loss efforts. So, my goal for this week isn’t to work harder, to eat less, or to exercise more. It’s simply to keep going. I refuse to give up or let this deter me from my goals. If I can do that, that’s a victory on its own.

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