Making plans I can stick to

Posted on August 19, 2012


OBVIOUSLY, that plan to track what I eat on a daily basis in this blog didn’t work. But I did return to recording all my meals into My Fitness Pal with one exception: When I went over, I sheepishly didn’t track.

So new plan: Stop making plans that aren’t realistic.

I’m a very busy person and my schedule varies on a day to day basis based on several different factors. I live in a new city where I don’t always have cell phone reception (therefore, I don’t always have access to my data plan to enter things into my calorie tracker). I live in a house that has a severe cockroach problem and my landlord is so overbearing, that I really prefer not to do much outside of my bedroom, including cooking and eating. 

The facts and resolutions:

1. It’s unrealistic to expect myself to be able to track in two separate online areas, in terms of both time and accessibility. 
Resolution: I’m just going to stick to tracking things on MFP and stop making plans to post it publicly in here or in emails to friends. 

2. I am struggling with trying to meet my calorie goal of 2080, based on a sedentary lifestyle and wanting to lose 1 pound per week.
Resolution: I am adjusting this by changing my “lifestyle” to “lightly active” as I am on my feet all day Monday-Friday and am usually walking around for my job. This changes my daily calorie goal to 2300. If I see that in a period of 7 consecutive days, that I am under 2050, I will adjust my calorie goals, but until then, I think it’s only best that I give myself a reasonable daily calorie goal that I can meet. I am finding that the days I go over, it’s not usually because of a “binge,” but because I actually feel hungry. Which admittedly is then followed by feelings of failure, followed by binge-like habits. It’s unhealthy for me.

3. I am struggling to meet my work out goal of 4 times per week for 30 minutes per session.

Resolution: Since I am still ADJUSTING to my lifestyle in this new city with this new job with this new routine, I think it’s unrealistic for me to expect to have the same lifestyle I had before when I was in a place where I did have a routine and I was familiar with how everyday was going to play out. I think the best way to start to resolve this is to start out with a goal to work out once per week for an hour. And once I maintain that, add a second one in. I think my ultimate goal will be three work outs per week, but we will see how that plays out. If I find that I am struggling because I can’t make it to the gym classes I like that many times per week, I’ll have to find alternative forms of physical activity.

4. It’s unrealistic for me to expect to eat any of my meals at home. The stress of having to deal with my landlord or the cockroaches just isn’t worth trying to put something together.
Resolution: Find healthy solutions for meals outside the home.

Here are healthy outside options I have found so far:

Dunkin Donuts; Egg white flat bread with sausage patty (makes it filling enough to last through my whole morning)– 450 calories
Subway: Egg white flat bread (with american cheese, veggies, and bacon)– 440 calories

Lunch/Dinner Options:
I. Subway turkey 6″ double meat: 425 calories
II. Panera whole thai chopped salad no cashews: 400 calories
III. Panera Pick 2 options:
OPTION 1: Salads
1. 1/2 Thai Chopped salad no cashews: 200 calories
2. 1/2 Bbq Chopped salad: 250
3. 1/2 Avocado Cobb Salad no egg, no bacon: 250
4. 1/2 Asian Sesame Chicken Salad: 225
5. 1/2 Fuji Apple Chicken Salad: 280

OPTION 2: Sandwiches
1. 1/2 Turkey Avocado BLT: 260
2. 1/2 Chipotle Chicken with Bacon: 420
3. 1/2 Napa Chicken Salad: 340
Max calories: 700; Min calories: 460

IV. Chipotle: My burrito bowl: 755 [brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, steak/chicken, corn salsa, tomato salsa, red hot salsa, sour cream]
Alternatives for lower calories:
Without corn salsa: 675
Without brown rice: 595**** I still need to try this, I just chicken out when it comes to it.

I wish I had more sources, but I suppose that’s what exploring is for, as long as I research and plan for the calories ahead of time.

5. The next two years of my life require a lot of traveling and part of the fun in traveling is trying the food. This becomes complicated because it’s difficult to estimate nutritional information for cultural cuisine, so I find that I don’t even track the food.

Resolution: Allow myself one meal per week where the calories don’t matter (even if I go over), and track it as Miscellaneous food and the remaining calories of my day. This isn’t to say to overeat. I think I should still try to follow the old age rule of half the plate is low-carb vegetables, a quarter is protein, and a quarter is some kind of starch/carb. And then try not to go for seconds. 🙂

6. I haven’t been blogging, which means I’m not holding myself accountable.

Resolution: Try to blog once a week.

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