Mid-week 1 update

Posted on September 9, 2012


And so, it begins.

I started my challenge of counting calories for one week on Tuesday. It is now Day 5 and I’m going strong.

Although I’ve only been under my calorie limit of 2300/day on 2 of the 5 days (yesterday and today), I am feeling really good. It feels AWESOME to be counting again. To be aware of what I’m consuming. To see the scale move down a couple pounds. I know that’s water weight, but it gives me enough of a boost to keep going. 

Tuesday: 2877
Wednesday: 2559
Thursday: 2380
Friday: 2130
Saturday: 2030

The interesting thing about calorie counting is that even without setting a maximum for myself, I slowly decreased my calorie consumption over the week. By over 800 calories! Granted, I do want to limit my calorie intake to a maximum of 2300 until things become routine again, and then further decrease it to somewhere around 1800 cals/day, but for now, it’s about counting and being honest with myself about my consumption.

You’d think it would take actual tangible weight loss for me to start feeling better, but the counting alone has made a difference.

I’m also going back to reading some weight loss blogs on a regular basis for inspiration. It was good for me and helped keep me on track. 

Will update again when I can.

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