Week 2: New Goal

Posted on September 11, 2012


Week 1 was a success. I counted everyday for seven days straight. Here are the results:

Tuesday: 2877
Wednesday: 2559
Thursday: 2380
Friday: 2130
Saturday: 2030
Sunday: 2131
Monday: 2052
Average: 2308
You can see that my calorie consumption was really high on the first day, and that was with being aware of how much I was eating at any time on Tuesday. I can only imagine how high it was before that day when I wasn’t counting and wasn’t concerned about being healthy and I have no doubt, I was consuming well over 3000 calories/day, maybe even 4000.
I set my calorie counter to lose 0.5 pounds per week on a sedentary lifestyle with no work-outs, which gave me a 2340 calorie/day limit. I wanted to put a limit even though my goal was to simply count my calories because it would help me gain a baseline for where I should be on my worst eating days. Ideally, I want to try to aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week, which means my calorie count will be around 1800 when I’m back on track full force. Although I was over my calorie limit for the first half of the week, I still averaged out below, and I think that’s all that matters.
I didn’t post it here, but here are my stats:
Lowest recorded weight: 289.1 (though, I know I was as low as 286 a month ago)
Weight last week before I started counting calories: 300.9
Weight after week 1: 293.3
Loss after week 1: 7.6 lb
Total net loss: 43.7
I realize that this was all water weight. I leave this city in less than two weeks, and I’d really like to see a number below 290 when I leave, bringing me back to my starting weight when I first moved here three months ago. When I head to my new locale, I’d like to put a serious effort into losing again. Furthermore, I’d like to hit my 50-pound loss milestone before Halloween.
I feel really good. I like being in control of my life again. I like that this week gives me hope that I can continue what I started nine months ago. I think actively meeting my goals really affects my mood, so I’m going to stick to making these weekly goals for myself. I think the key to making goals in weight loss is to make them action-based and not end-result based. A lot of people like to say “I want to lose two pounds this week” but realistically, their goal should be “I want to count calories everyday this week and work out twice.” So, even though I said I’d like to be under 290 by the time I leave this city, my only real goal is to continue counting and trying to eat the best way I can.
So, my goal for week 2 is also going to be simple: Be under 2340 calories everyday.
Bonus points if I can get in under 2090.
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