mid-week assessment

Posted on October 25, 2012


As stated previously, I have started counting calories and working out at a gym. Here’s my progress so far:

Monday: 1464 calories, 157g carbs; 60 mins of zumba, 10 mins walking
Tuesday: 1985 calories, 181g carbs; 30 mins walking
Wednesday: 1560 calories, 146g carbs; 30 mins of zumba, 10 mins walking

My calorie goal for this week is 2090. I’ve made an extra challenge for myself, which is to either a) Eat less than 200g of carbs, or b) Avoid bread, potatoes, pasta, or rice, except for in one meal per week. I am hoping this will help kick me out of my plateau that keeps me in the 290’s and gives me a push into the 280’s. 

So far, my weight started around 297.1 and this morning was 293.1. I would love to see a drop that takes me out of the 290’s, but I know that’s far fetched for a first week back into things. But it can happen. They say you can expect a loss of around 2-3% of your body weight the first week. Even if it doesn’t happen, I know it can if I keep this up.

So, it’s day 3 and I’m feeling really good about this challenge.

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