Hello, I’m a twenty-something medical student who is trying to lose weight. As I go through my medical education, I am exposed to the medical downsides of being overweight, let alone obese. Some people lose weight to look better, some to feel better, and some to live longer. Those reasons still apply to me, but as a future physician, I want to be the best doctor I can be. The first way for me to do that is to live by the same words I will give my future patients.

Join me as I face some of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in my life. My main goals are to stay motivated and to not give up. I think the biggest challenge with losing weight is either to a) Start trying, or b) Not give up. Personally, starting my routine of counting points and exercising isn’t too difficult for me– it’s not giving up or ignoring it when things in my life get busy. I need to learn to balance my busy career path with eating healthy and exercising. I need to learn a balance so that it’s not all or nothing. I’d like to be one of those people who, regardless of how busy life gets, is okay with going to the gym only once or twice a week, and who continues eating healthy. This is about stepping outside of my comfort zone, staying motivated, and being persistent.

It’s really important to me that I stick with it this time. I started Weight Watchers in 2008 and I did it for about 5-6 months, ultimately losing 30-40 pounds. It wasn’t lack of progress that made me stop the plan, it was simply the fact that I didn’t want to spend the extra $20/month, when I was convinced I would be able to count points on my own. Unfortunately, I think that was my biggest downfall, because even though I continued going to the gym for a few months afterwards, I am certain it was my calorie intake that took the hit by not tracking my meals anymore.

I’m realizing that the $20/month is worth my health. I’m realizing that the keys to weight loss are: 1) Tracking food intake, and 2) Exercise. I usually have no problem with exercising and can confidently say that weight loss without tracking is not possible for me, regardless of how much I exercise. I decided to start this blog as a way to hold myself accountable and as a way to look back and read about my progress, struggles, and milestones in moments of weakness, so that I don’t give up.

Eventually, I would like to have a normal BMI, which means I need to get down to 146 pounds. When I originally started this, I had 190 pounds to lose. As of March 18th, 2012, I have 165 pounds to lose.

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