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mid-week assessment

October 25, 2012


As stated previously, I have started counting calories and working out at a gym. Here’s my progress so far: Monday: 1464 calories, 157g carbs; 60 mins of zumba, 10 mins walkingTuesday: 1985 calories, 181g carbs; 30 mins walkingWednesday: 1560 calories, 146g carbs; 30 mins of zumba, 10 mins walking My calorie goal for this week […]

week 1 restart

October 20, 2012


The problem with my career path right now is that I move around a lot. And as a result, I often have periods of transition in which my primary focus is just survival and I push everything else to the side. My biggest goal for this year was to not allow that to curtail my […]

Week 2: New Goal

September 11, 2012


Week 1 was a success. I counted everyday for seven days straight. Here are the results: Tuesday: 2877Wednesday: 2559Thursday: 2380Friday: 2130Saturday: 2030 Sunday: 2131 Monday: 2052   Average: 2308   You can see that my calorie consumption was really high on the first day, and that was with being aware of how much I was […]

Mid-week 1 update

September 9, 2012


And so, it begins. I started my challenge of counting calories for one week on Tuesday. It is now Day 5 and I’m going strong. Although I’ve only been under my calorie limit of 2300/day on 2 of the 5 days (yesterday and today), I am feeling really good. It feels AWESOME to be counting […]

Putting myself in my place

September 4, 2012


OBVIOUSLY, my plans to get back on track aren’t working. I’m having a hard time coping with change. And as a result, I’ve thrown diet and exercise to the side so I can focus on the more pressing matters at hand, like the car accident I was in last week, my demanding hours at the […]

Making plans I can stick to

August 19, 2012


OBVIOUSLY, that plan to track what I eat on a daily basis in this blog didn’t work. But I did return to recording all my meals into My Fitness Pal with one exception: When I went over, I sheepishly didn’t track. So new plan: Stop making plans that aren’t realistic. I’m a very busy person […]

Coming clean

July 25, 2012


The last I wrote was over a month ago. I think it’s safe to say that my month’s absence from this blog is representative of a month’s absence from trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I have a long list of excuses, most of which are legitimate, but listing them is pointless because what’s done […]