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Balancing act with some truths

May 30, 2012


Sometimes, I find that the hardest thing about anything I’ve ever had to do is balancing.  The problem with weight loss is that people either a) half-ass it, or b) go too extreme with it. It really just depends on personality types. In the past, I have done both. The difference is, when I “half-ass” […]


April 18, 2012


I’m feeling kind of frustrated right now. I’m anxious to see more changes on the scale or with my body and I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve seen any results. Which is actually hilarious considering it’s only been ten days since I’ve seen the scale move. I’m hovering at about the same […]

Non-Scale Victories

March 14, 2012


1. Water— I exceeded my goal of drinking 32 oz. of water everyday by drinking 40 oz. on Monday, 56 oz. on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to reach 64 oz. today. I’m realizing the easiest way for me to get water in is to simply work out, because I drink at least 24 oz. during […]