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Balancing act with some truths

May 30, 2012


Sometimes, I find that the hardest thing about anything I’ve ever had to do is balancing.  The problem with weight loss is that people either a) half-ass it, or b) go too extreme with it. It really just depends on personality types. In the past, I have done both. The difference is, when I “half-ass” […]

HIIT Day 2, Goals, Thoughts

April 26, 2012


I don’t know if it was because I was tired or if I just pushed myself too hard earlier in my work-out, but I only managed a total of 20 minutes for my HIIT today. I imagine what I did today was close to what I would do in preparation for Week 4 of the […]

Weigh In #11

March 25, 2012



Weigh-In #10

March 18, 2012


Today’s Weigh-In: 311.9 lbWeek loss: -2.2 lbTotal loss: -25.1 lb  Goals achieved this week:1. I lost 25 pounds!!2. Worked out FOUR times (original goal was three times)3. Ate within points; did not use weekly points (with the exception of Sunday’s estimation, which could have either put me at points or over)4. Drank at least 32 […]

Starting Again

March 11, 2012


Hello. I weigh 314.1 pounds. That sentence is the primary reason I’m starting this blog. It’s not because I want to share my progress with anyone. It’s to hold me accountable. Saying my weight out loud is as important to me as I imagine saying “I am an alcoholic,” is to someone with an alcohol […]