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Weigh In #22

June 10, 2012


Today’s Weight: 289.5 lbWeek loss: -3.8 lb Total loss: -47.5 lb  I reached the 280’s! I just barely made it, but I did it. My original weight on the scale was 288.8, but I always weigh myself three times and take the weight I get consistently. 289.5 was the winner. 🙂 I feel good. I thought […]

Weigh In #21: Gains and Life

June 3, 2012


Today’s Weight: 293.3 lbWeek Gain: +0.6 lbTotal Loss: -43.7 lb  As I said the last time I had a gain after a really good week, the scale is just unfair sometimes. I seem to be developing an interesting pattern:Huge loss (-6.9 lb), small gain (+0.3 lb), huge loss (-6.6 lb), small gain (+0.6 lb). That […]

Weigh In #20

May 27, 2012


Sunday’s Weight: 292.7 lbWeek Loss: -6.6 lbTotal Loss: -44.3 lb Here is a recap of my other stats: BMI: 49.8 (down 7.5)Loss of body weight: 13.1%Percent of Loss Goal: 23.2%  Milestones reached: 40 lb lost! Wow. Just… wow. I have never lost this much weight during a purposeful weight loss attempt. I know I have […]

Weigh In #19 with NSV’s

May 21, 2012


Sunday’s Weight: 299.3Week Gain: +0.3 lbTotal Loss: -37.7 lb  Sometimes, the scale is unfair. I know I didn’t actually gain weight this week for a few reasons: 1. My natural bodily functions were off (interpret however you may, ha)2. I worked out really hard over the last week and stayed within my points and calories […]

Weigh In #18

May 13, 2012


Today’s weight: 299.0Week Loss: -6.9 lb Total Loss: -38 lb  To be fair, I did end up weighing myself on Sunday because I needed to know what I was up against. I ended up weighing in at 305.9 lb, which was a 1.7 lb gain from the previous week. I was disappointed, but I also expected […]

Weigh In #16

April 29, 2012


Today’s weight: 304.2Week gain: +0.8 lbTotal loss: -32.8 lb Sigh. I’m torn as to what to say. On the one hand, I want to sit here and say that maintenance week was a bust. On the other hand, I want to sit here and come up with other reasons for the small gain, such as: […]

Weigh In #15

April 22, 2012


Today’s weight: 303.4Week loss: -1.7 lb Total loss: -33.6 lb I spent the entire week seeing numbers higher than last Sunday’s weigh-in, so I was convinced I would have a gain. I’ve been feeling discouraged with the lack of change on the scale from my last weigh-in plus the higher numbers all week. I even tried […]